Joan Ferrarons i Llagostera

literary translator


Since October 2018 Joan Ferraons is doing a PhD in translation and intercultural studies at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. The goal of his thesis is to analyse how the Ashkenazi cultural identity is represented in the translation of contemporary Yiddish literature. His research focuses on (a) the techniques used to render Yiddish toponyms into other languages (including English, French, German and Spanish), taking into account the relationship between Ashkenazi culture and the Yiddishland, the concepts of diaspora and exile, and their representation in translation; (b) the different transliteration and transcription methods as well as the phonographic adaptation used to render Yiddish anthroponyms into other languages; and (c) the dependency on Hebrew as a reference language in the translation of religious concepts and the causes of this subordination.